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Planet depopulation - Update June 2018
Nutrition and Food Advice -update May 2018
Excerpt from ‘Never Betta’ SENIORS EXERCISE
FLUORIDE removal, EMF brekers, CANCER Cures
Fukushima and CHEMTRAILS
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Planet depopulation - Update June 2018

UPDATE - Planet depopulation. ( June 2018)
In posting this blog I hope for an appreciation of accurate reality for the reader. 
Beyond the false flags, disinformation and deceptions.

Our planet and nation are in great trouble and the people have been placed in an Electromagnetic frequency trance.

Furthermore, you you will almost certainly be offended. you are likely to react with denial, apathy or even anger after reading this blog.

Nonetheless, the truth remains and the research is thorough beyond any shadow of doubt.

Nutrition and Food Advice -update May 2018

NUTRITION and DIET ADVICE – for health and weight management- (update April 2018)
  • Use your body or lose it.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat organic foods wherever possible.
  • Avoid all plastic food utensils, storage devices and water bottles (bpa, bps).
  • Remove fluoride from your water with a reverse osmosis water filter system (blood-brain barrier).
  • Use an electromagnetic frequency wave breaker (infertility, addiction, birth defects and other illnesses).
  • Include organic herbs, spices and fibre in your diet every day.

Excerpt from ‘Never Betta’ SENIORS EXERCISE

Excerpt from ‘Never Betta’ SENIORS EXERCISE
Book - by Dimitri Nicholas
Healthy Ageing and Fit 4 Living classes
This book is dedicated to my good friends in the Healthy Ageing and Fit 4 Living classes that have exercised with me over the first extraordinary decade that has ushered in the 21st Century.
Some of the folk are still with us and some have departed, but the memory of all is very dear to me.
I'd like especially mention and honour Richard ‘Neva Betta’, Hilda Oakes, Nick Taousanis, Ray and Marlene Brooks, Dr Karen Flegg, Dr Kimberley Bondeson and Lorraine, Ross and June Forbes, Ruth, John and Gwen Drayton.

FLUORIDE removal, EMF brekers, CANCER Cures


Australian Portable reverse osmosis water filter system. Removes fluoride.

Fluoride destroys brain cells and the ability to think. It destroys memory also.
The Nazis and Stalin used it on prisoners in WWII.
The following is a link to an Australian company that supplies good and reasonably priced reverse osmosis filters.


Fukushima and CHEMTRAILS


How can you save the world and yourself if you don't know what the problem is?

This presentation from Prof Dane Wiggington is an update on the real Fukushima and Chemtrails situation without the mainstream silence and propaganda.

It’s worth your time. It affects your health and life.

Prof Dane Wiggington.

Unwell and Obese? Low energy lately? WHY?



The following You tube interview is the very best I’ve been able to find in 7years of research.

It sets out scientifically, historically, politically, practically and very clearly what is happening to our Western world including Australia.

These events affect you, your kids, your food, water, the air you breathe, vaccinations you’ve taken and are planning to give your children, chemicals you use, medications and far more.

It addresses your electronic devices, your personal spy database, your DNA, nuclear dust particles from Chernoble and Fukushima and HAARP weather weapons .


It’s been nearly 7yrs since the initial damage. The mainstream media are fake. This is real.

Fukushima, HAARP, Chemtrails. The initial report, coverup and forecast nuclear damage.

Ths incredible report is from 2011.
Often the best and most accurate information happens right in the beginning.

Nuclear weapons scientist Prof Moret has now been struggling to stay alive after emf attacks on her body since the making of this report.


Nutrition and Diet advice

NUTRITION and DIET ADVICE – for health and weight management
·      Use your body or lose it.
·      Exercise regularly.
·      Eat organic foods wherever possible.
·      Avoid all plastic food utensils and water bottles.
·      Remove fluoride from your water with a reverse osmosis water filter system.

Martial Arts

One man intending to enrol his son in Karate classes recently asked me how many Karate Dan I held?

I attained 3rd Dan in Goju karate in 1984. After that I taught with 3 of my own schools in Sydney Australia.

I fought in the boxing and kickboxing ring over the decades and evolved with the globalisation of the martial arts. I spent years of endless rounds in the ring with many teachers, fighters and high champs from all parts of the globe. I learnt from all styles.

Later I went into the military.

Weights (resitance) training

Recently a friend asked about weight training and general exercise. “Can I train chest 2x per week?”

Chest is a large muscle group and can withstand two strong workouts per week but ultimately all the muscles improve with repair. That means rest.

So, every muscle group 2x per week will be very effective but 1x per week will give you good results without injury.

It’s best to start easy.
‘Better to train little and often as oppose to long and hard all in one day. ‘

.Chest and biceps