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FLUORIDE removal, EMF brekers, CANCER Cures
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FLUORIDE removal, EMF brekers, CANCER Cures


Australian Portable reverse osmosis water filter system. Removes fluoride.

Fluoride destroys brain cells and the ability to think. It destroys memory also.
The Nazis and Stalin used it on prisoners in WWII.
The following is a link to an Australian company that supplies good and reasonably priced reverse osmosis filters.

The harmful effects of emf are worth understanding. It’s brain destroying, addictive, rewarding and punishing according to the satellite controllers and Artificial Intelligence.

the following is a Website dedicated to these topics from nuclear/geoscientist Prof Leuren Moret.


Also professor Dane Wiggington at; geoengineeringwatch.org

May be purchased from the following NZ company.
They help very much but can’t totally stop the problems in your home.
EMF iPhone use is addictive and a huge problem for youth.
My advice is to relocate away from cities and high density areas if possible.
The link below details the latest Nicola Tesla technology that can counter the harmful emf waves and bring peace to a home. It’s worth the investment.

I support sound, light and nature meditations, exercise, good nutrition etc for health also.

I do not recommend Buddhist, Hindu or aboriginal spirit invoking meditations. They’re dangerous at this point in time to those with Western ancestry because they invoke foreign spirits into your body.

life Energy Solutions - emf counter technology.


M: 04094166959


Search out ‘The Truth about Cancer’ by Ty Bollinger.
It the very best advice available on cancer and it’s real cures.
Testimonials from dozens of survivors and truthful Oncologists.

Feel free to share this information.

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Cabo San Lucas on Wednesday, 20 June 2018 10:43 PM
I really did not know that much about flouride and its destrcutions.Its very informative for me to read from historic point of view as well.
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the best essays on Tuesday, 26 June 2018 7:47 PM
I need to purchase this system soon. Do you have it now? Can I buy it from you?
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