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Planet Update and your HEALTH
Planet Update and your HEALTH
Planet depopulation - Update June 2018
Nutrition and Food Advice -update May 2018
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Nutrition and Food Advice -update May 2018

NUTRITION and DIET ADVICE – for health and weight management- (update April 2018)
  • Use your body or lose it.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat organic foods wherever possible.
  • Avoid all plastic food utensils, storage devices and water bottles (bpa, bps).
  • Remove fluoride from your water with a reverse osmosis water filter system (blood-brain barrier).
  • Use an electromagnetic frequency wave breaker (infertility, addiction, birth defects and other illnesses).
  • Include organic herbs, spices and fibre in your diet every day.
Today’s world flooded with rapid change, new technology and unprecedented discovery. One of the unfortunate consequences is that food is becoming more highly processed for the sake of ‘convenience’.
The changes have produced drastic increases in food toxicity, genetic modification, pesticide exposure, nutrition depletion and malnourishment due to poor nutrient absorption among other things.
The need for exercise and wise food choices has now become essential for any reasonable measure of healthy life and length of years.
Avoid the sickness traps!
Many fad diet have come and gone over recent decades.
Among some of the clichés that you may be familiar with are; Pitikin, Blood type, G Craig, Weight W, 5/2, 20/80, Terry Fergus, Paleo, Ketogenic, Jungle Juice Placebo and so on….
The truth of the matter is that common sense together with science should prevail.
Common sense would suggest that natural is best. Stick with the design!
Gene edited GMO food just can’t be better than natural when it’s sprayed with ‘Roundup’ poison (Vietnam - Agent Orange) glyphosate pesticides.
Its a common sense fact that herbs and spices are better than handfuls of Pharmaceutical pills.
Note that the ketogenic or any of the above diets can be useful in achieving a fast result but can they be sustained long-term as a way of life and will they cause metabolic damage by shocking the body with stress?
For example, making your body acidic by focusing on high protein and fats without fibre AND some low GI carbohydrates plus essential fats will cause acidity in the gut.

Ketones in the breath are an indication of high Ketonic acid.
That acid state, when combined with glyphosate pesticides and BT Toxin is a perfect recipe for bowel cancer- Australia’s fastest growing cancer incidence.
Someone I know recently remarked that breakfast should be eaten as a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a pauper.
I tend to agree and recommend the addition of morning and afternoon tea.
Furthermore, we can learn much from the diets of the most defined athletes in the world. Not just the lab coats that look like overused sacks of potatoes.
Having stated that, if you're not an athlete perfection is not essential. Don’t set yourself up for failure.
Simply your best attempt will adequately contribute towards better health and achieve good results.
  • CHEESE - – Avoid ALL yellow cheese. Low fat white - Ricotta, skim Fetta, Cottage, Lite Phili are best for lower fat and the live good bacteria cultures. Better gut health with less saturated fat.
  • VEGES – include all vegies – Zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato etc. (avoid GMO, particularly corn and Soy products), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives (plain), snow peas etc . Be sure to wash well and soak in water with a tablespoon of baking (bicarbonate) soda. This will help draw out toxins, poisons and dissolve wax. Non organic green veges are notorious for BT-TOXIN contamination in today’s supermarkets. Generally, street markets are a better source.
  • LEGUMES - Lentils, beans (3 or 4 bean mix), chick peas & rice.
Soak your dried beans and legumes overnight and discard the water,
Basmati or brown rice are OK. Boil your rice in a pot and discard the used water. It’s likely to contain traces of arsenic.
  • FRUITS – include most fruits but not more than one banana or mango per day. Organic is best to avoid roundup poison. GMO strawberries rate the highest in poisons content, followed closely by bananas.
  • PROTEIN – seek out organic sources of - Chicken, beef, lean lamb (cut the fat away before cooking), egg whites (1-2 yolk per day – seek organic eggs). GMO animals are usually fed with GMO crops concentrating the poison upwards in the food chain and onto humans.
  • DAIRY and other MILKS – skim milk, low fat plain yoghurt, low sugar (non-artificial sweetener) natural yoghurt. Add your own frozen or plain fruit for sweetness and flavour.
Oat milk & almond milk are better alternatives.
BREADS and CEREALS - 2 wholemeal pita/pocket bread or dark rye bread (2 slice maximum per day), basmati or brown rice pre-soaked, cracker bread, oats and porridge cereal with organic protein powder.
Avoid all white bread and additive rich soft breads.
Rye, sourdough, wholemeal and wholegrain breads are better.
  • FISH – fresh or tinned is OK. Salmon is ok – fresh wild caught is best. Don’t touch anything from the sea in the vicinity of Fukushima and the North Pacific Ocean. It’s likely to glow in the dark.
  • MEAT- organic, grass fed, hormone free is best. Most meats are from GMO animals that are fed GMO crops that further concentrate the poisons. Try to buy meat from a reputable organic supplier. These days, many meats are pressed and glued together with meat glue. Steak is often not the real cut. Buy meat with the bones attached to be sure.
  • PROCESSED MEAT PATTIESSAUSAGES and MINCE – most of these contain vitamin-lacking, high-fat junk, foreign additives, GMO cereals, preservatives, flavouring and colourings. It’s not real food folks! It’s a great place to hide junk.
  • PASTA - rice noodles (vermicelli) or wholemeal pasta is best – Avoid high Glycemic Index Carbs after 3pm.
  • NUTS - 1 very small handful (about 7) every other day.  Use a higher volume of PUMPKIN SEEDS and CHICK PEAS in the mix for volume and an excellent source of high vegetable protein. Buy organic nuts and seeds wherever possible.
  • AVOCADO – not more than ¼ -1/2 per day. Make sure you do not cut all essential oils and fats from your diet. Reputable, edible essential oil supplements can be obtained from your local health food store.
  • CELERY and ORGANIC GARLIC - for high blood pressure sufferers. Impressive decreases in high blood pressure will result with this combination. Raw celery provides the added benefit of fibre and roughage
  • OLIVE OIL - Include 1 tablespoon of extra virgin, cold pressed, olive oil, Australian or local brands are best. Overseas freight can result in contamination.
  • SNACKS - Organic dried fruit or rice crackers, protein shakes.
  • PROTEIN SHAKES on skim, oat, almond milk, coconut water or fluoride free water.
Consume 2-3 shakes per day- spaced evenly. Consume at morning tea and afternoon tea times.
  • VEGE JUICING - do this daily for an enhanced immune system to combat flu, illness, cancer causing agents and vitamin/mineral deficiency. Use coconut water or reverse osmosis purified water in non-plastic containers. Use organic veges to avoid BT-toxin poisons.
  • WATER - 2 litres water every day (&/or herbal tea).
Sip water all the daylong for effective weight loss and lymphatic system hydration.
Formula- No water, no effective weight loss.
  • TAKE AWAY FOODS - Sizzler salads, Sumo Salad bars, Nandos chicken, salad bars, fruit shops, health food shops, Sandwich shops.
  • SAUCES – avoid all sauces in restaurants. Order the sauce on the side and use very sparingly.
At home use Worcestershire, Chilli sauce, Organic Soy (if you can find it) or make your own.
  • COFFEE – try to limit to 1 per day. Switch to Organic, Australian grown and decaf if possible.
Foreign coffee is sprayed with Bromide by the Customs dept on entry into Australia.
This drug reduces testosterone levels.
Bromide can adversely affect fertility and lowers the energy levels. When combined with pesticides bromide is lethal. The water used to make coffee contains aluminium fluoride if it’s not reverse osmosis filtered.
  • SAY NO TO: biscuits, sweets, cakes, saturated animal fats (when combined with Carbs), polyunsaturated oils, fried food, full cream dairy, yellow cheeses, fast food outlets, pies, sausage rolls, doughnuts and pastries, white pasta, ice creams, chocolate.
Remember- “all things in moderation” - when it comes to indulgences.
  • ALCOHOL - 1 Glass of alcohol beverage per week or on special occasion. Then, switch to mineral water. 
This is the ideal – make an effort and try your best!
Alcohol reduces inhibitions, empties blood fats into fat cells, increases fat food cravings and atrophies (shrinks) muscle.
Today’s alcohol beverages also contain many chemicals.
Seek organic wine if possible. 
‘All alcohol in moderation’ - don’t get hooked!
  • REWARDS – One or two ‘anything’ meals with a dessert per week at lunch time on your days off. Savour the moment and enjoy it.
  • Buy ORGANIC Your health is worth it. Your better quality of life depends on it.
  • AVOID all GMO foods – they contain ‘Roundup and other poisons’. These are derivatives of ‘Agent Orange defoliant’ termed GLYPHOSATE used during the Vietnam War.
GMO foods also contain ‘BT Toxin pesticide’. It literally bores holes in the gut and causes bowel cancer. Strawberries, Soy products, plums and most bananas are saturated in Roundup poison. Seek out organic and grow your own wherever possible.
Make others aware and write to your local government members.
  • AVOID FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR waste polluted Asian sea produce if possible. The nuclear radiation is now falling in the rain Australian southern seas are best for sea food. Avoid crab, lobster, oysters, prawns. These are filter feeders and accumulate nuclear radiation at an extremely higher level than fish.
  • PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES and plastic Tupperware will destroy testosterone and reverse the hormone balance in humans. These are gender bending drugs.
The physical manifestations today for females are manifestation of male-like features and behavior.
Early menopause can result and is increasing in Australia.
Sterility, low strength and female type breasts form in men. Men will also exhibit effeminate behavior.
  • TESTOSTERONE – Parsley, broccoli and phenylgreek will create a better natural testosterone balance. In today’s GMO world this is essential.
  • Corn syrup sweetener - this is a sweetener that is highly addictive. Research indicates a higher dependence urge than cocaine. Corn syrup is added to almost every processed, sweet food. Break these harmful food habits by becoming aware.
  • Sugarbeet is being used in many nations including Australia to replace cane sugar, sugarbeet is far more damaging and just like corn syrup it’s highly addictive.
  • Aspartame & other diet sweeteners– these are deadly, tooth rotting, brain affecting, cancer causing, toxic and highly addictive. More deadly when combined with caffeine in energy drinks. Deaths have occurred from these products.
  • Additives, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and processed foods.
Avoid these. They usually come in a packet.
The following is a template of a diet designed for healthy weight loss in an athlete for your perusal. It gives a reasonable dietary insight. Adjust this to suit your needs with advice.
Please note that diets vary for individuals according to the desired effect, individual food preferences, specific requirements, nutritional restraints and doctor’s advice.
Consult your doctor before undertaking any specific diet.
Template Diet
  • B/fst Organic Wheat-brix multigrain or Porridge with or without organic whey protein powder. Or, two eggs.
  • M/Tea        Coffee/cocoa/herbal tea/tea/fresh fruit juice/water & Fruit &/or Yoghurt or organic protein shake.
  • Lunch Chicken & small rice (steamed or boiled) or salad with some avocado.
  • A/tea            Organic whey protein shake, fruit, yoghurt.
  • Dinner meat,
 lean bolognaise sauce,
 fish or
 chicken dish,
 eggwhite omelette (up to two yolks per day is OK),
+ salad
+ small bowl rice or rice vermicelli (as a pasta              replacement).
Snacks       Protein Shake - with or without weetbrix or oats), water cracker, fruit, vegetables sticks, hummus dip, dried fruits, handful of nuts (not more than 7-9 per day), low fat plain yoghurt, and crispbread – (eg. Paradise lites.)
Drinks        - Water, hot cocoa drink or herbal tea, fresh squeezed fruit juice. Ideally, the fruit pulp should be consumed with the juice.  Vegetable juice is lower GI and better than fruit juice. It contains less ‘Roundup’ poison. Root vegetables are best with some herbs in the mix. Wash the greens thoroughly or soak with a teaspoon of vinegar for an hour to help eliminate Bt toxin and glyphosate.
Pantry and fridge suggestions
Organic Basmati or brown rice, wholemeal pasta, rice vermicelli, (only) Atlantic Ocean or southern Oceans tinned tuna and fresh fish (smaller fish are better), organic dried beans and legumes, organic granola and other cereal, dark organic breads, organic nuts, organic dried spices and herbs, cold pressed extra-virgin, local olive oil, organic vegetables and fruits, organic grass fed non hormone enhanced meats and poultry, (only) organic soy and other sauces, organic essential oil supplements, skim fetta, ricotta, cottage cheese, oat milk, organic free range eggs, fresh coconuts or fresh coconut water, organic cocoa, local organic coffee, herbal teas, organic wholemeal flour.
This list should set you in the right direction and by now you will have realized the need for a global clean health food revolution. Encourage this with your shopping demands for suppliers and promote better health awareness for the public.
More Useful Food Tips
  • Include some PROTEIN IN EVERY MEAL if possible.
  • High GI Carbohydrates (usually in packeted foods) are converted to fat quickly if not used by the demands of physical exertion and maintenance. Avoid these simple, highly processed carbohydrates and sugars. There are virtually no vitamins or nutrients in processed food. These are termed ‘junk food’ and ‘empty calorie’ foods.
  • Avoid full cream dairy products and replace where possible with low fat, skim, almond or oat milk alternatives.
  • Butter is better than margarine but very high calorie.
  • Margarine is artificial and only one chemical process away from plastic. It can only harm you.
  • Vegetable oils have a very ‘jagged’, unstable chemical molecular structure. These shred arteries and bring you one step closer to heart disease and heart attack. This applies more-so when fried or heated. Use Australian virgin cold pressed Olive oil.
  • "Cholesterol free" does not mean that body cholesterol will decrease. Bodies produce their own cholesterol and the amount is directly correlated to saturated fat consumption. There are genetic hereditary exceptions to the recommended standards. Consult your doctor if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels.
Generally to effectively reduce cholesterol, reduce saturated fat consumption. This applies particularly with the combination of saturated fat and carbohydrate.
  • Some saturated animal fat is useful for metabolism and function but most city dwellers do not expend enough energy every day to burn the calories. Saturated animal fats are best consumed with salads and not starchy foods. Eat sauerkraut with fats for probiotics for effective digestion. Supplement your diet with essential fats.
  • Fats are present in most foods. It is not necessary to consciously pursue fats in your daily food selections. Moderate avocado, nuts & seeds, cold pressed olive oil are best.
  • The Essential fats are Omega 3.6 & 9. Your local health food store can provide these good organic oil extracts with the essential fats. I strongly recommend this approach for any low fat diet. If the total fats are too low, gall stones may develop.
  • Avoid all fried foods. Drip grilled food is a preferable alternative because the excess fat is lost in the process.
  • Always cut the fat and skin from meat and poultry before cooking. Pursue organic meat sources.
  • One tablespoon of cold pressed virgin olive oil in a salad for per person is healthy. Australian produce is best for a lesser risk of transport contamination.
  • Although high protein diets are popular for weight loss, they can also be dangerous in extreme and a prolonged time frame. Always include green vegetables for fibre and low GI carbohydrates such as sweet potato, taro, dark rye bread, brown rice or basmati rice for food balance and hunger satisfaction.
  • When in a hurry, simply choose the better of whatever is at hand. An informed choice will still achieve results. In an emergency where there is only harmful processed food available, halve the portion.
  • Pre exercise Digestion time should be considered when planning events and exercise. Consuming low GI carbohydrates 1- 1½ hrs before rigorous exercise is good preparation.
E g. Wheat-brix with water, brown toast, porridge with water, rice, banana, fruit.
Pre-exercise meals consist mainly of Low GI carbohydrates for sports fuel requirements. A protein shake with oats or with wheat-brix is also a good option.
Avoid heavy protein or fatty meals before exercise. They engage the digestive system for too long and do not provide the required carbohydrate energy needed for exercise.
  • Post exercise meals function best when they contain both protein for muscle repair and some carbohydrate to replenish depleted stores in the muscle, blood and liver.
An organic protein shake is ideal for quick absorption followed by solid food shortly after.
  • The body’s metabolism stays higher if frequent smaller meals are eaten throughout the day than a few large meals. This helps the digestion process producing a higher metabolism where less excess food is stored in the fat cells.
  • Do consume morning and afternoon tea (it’s an ideal time for a protein shake) in addition to the three main meals of the day.
  • Aim at gradual weight reduction over time.
  • Crash diets are dangerous and they do not work long-term.
  • Fad diets have come and gone for centuries. The large suppliers and sinister Corporations rely on a lack of understanding in the consumer. Don’t be caught. Not only are fad diets expensive, they often cause metabolic damage, depression, low energy and they leave a defeated attitude.
  • Use Organic Whey Protein powder between the main meals for faster and more effective weight loss. Also, to maintain muscle mass while simultaneously shedding fat.
  • How long until I see a health turnaround? - Within two weeks you can turn a death slide around and back towards life.
  • Eat real food - eat organic.
  • Drink fluoride free water.
  • Avoid all plastics. Particularly plastic water bottles.
  • Use glass and stainless steel containers.
  • Do not eat processed, packet food.
  • Turn all wi-fi routers and devices, iPhone electromagnetic frequencies off as much as possible. Particularly at night.
  • Avoid 'fit bits' they create EMF fields around and IN They transmit your personal biorhythms out for corporate statistical collection.
Wi-Fi EMF causes bacteria and viruses to multiply in the human body while simultaneously weakening the body defences against the effects of flu.
  • Buy an EMF wave-breaking device.
  • Go for barefoot walks on the beach or in a park.

WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA in a nutshell.
25% Carbs: 75%Protein = short-term effective and safe weight loss.
50% Carbs: 50% Protein Muscle maintenance.
Use low GI Carbs
SUPPLEMENTS and Macrobiotics – the basic ESSENTIALS
  • Diometaceous earth for good gut health and chemical detox.
  • Spirulina (not Hawaiian due to Fukushima radiation), vital greens for energy and healthy gut vitality.
  • Selenium for good gut and brain function.
  • Iodine for detox, brain health and endocrine system protection, Fukushima radiation protection.
  • Organic Whey Protein – GMO free grass fed cows, avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Water - A reverse osmosis water filtration system is essential. Fluoride depresses intelligence and kills the brain cells. In older people fluoride brings dementure and Alzheimer’s Fluoride is the byproduct of the Bauxite smelting process that produces Aluminium. Fluoride does not belong in the human brain. Fluoride removes the protective blood-brain barrier from the brain.
  • Vege Juicing - Anti-disease, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, pro-life, energy and health. Add Parsley for better testosterone hormone balance.
  • Organic Bone broth- Hormone balance, immunity boost, fertility, virility, testosterone enhancement, strength. It's very important to make sure that the bone broth is organic to avoid glyphosate concentration and other GMO poisons by boiling and reducing down to a high concentration. 
  • TUMERIC & DANDELION - Anti-cancer. Good.
Anti-cancer and anti-oxidants
  • FLAX SEED OIL - Adding cottage cheese IS ESSENTIAL for absorption. This is a wonder prevention against cancer and other illnesses. Add it to salads.
  • ESSIAC TEA - American Indian tea. 100% anti-Cancer
  • RIGVA Virus - RIGVA viral therapy targets cancer stem cells that can't be touched by chemo therapy. They reappear at a later stage. The RIGVA benign human virus pursues cancer cells and destroys them while leaving normal cells intact. This anti-cancer therapy is available in Latvia (Ty Bollinger – the Truth About Cancer).
  • COLD PRESSED HEMP SEED OIL - Anti-cancer. Skin, endocrine system hormones enhancement. Try an Internet search.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - A small amount in water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach is great for weight loss.
  • SAUERKRAUT - Great for probiotic, organic, weight loss, indigestion, faster metabolism, anti-nuclear radiation it has saved many Japanese lives from FUKUSHIMA fallout.
  • ANTI INFLAMATORY SPICES - Tumeric, Black pepper, garlic, cloves, ginger, cayenne pepper. Anti-inflammatory, anti-flu, immune system booster and helps fix sleep patterns. Helps with inflamed joints.
  • Blushwood tree - Cancer cure. - Search ABC report on this miracle tree from northern Australia.
  • Bilberry tree - Improves eye sight.
  • GLUTEN FREE? - The genetic makeup of wheat has been so ruined by genetic modification, that people cannot digest it any more. The problem has been labelled 'gluten intolerance' but the cause is GMO glyphosate.
  • Thyme - Immune system boost, antiseptic, mood enhancer, anxiety/depression counter, anti-cramps.
  • Oregano – Asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory, urinary tract, arthritis, headaches, upset tummy, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory.
  • Mint – nausea, upset tummy, bad breath, sore throat, common cold, allergies, skin conditions, nasal decongestant, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Aloe Vera – antiseptic, gut health (ingest in small amounts), skin conditions, burns.
  • Wormwood – gut parasites.
  • Comfrey – Bone knit (externally applied as a pulpous) and bone density increase (tea).
  • CELERY – Very effective anti-blood pressure. Very effective pro digestion fibre cleanse. Seek organic celery because GMO contains high levels of glyphosate poison.
  • GARLIC - Very effective anti-blood pressure. Great for flu prevention and immune system boost.
Performance athletes!
Increase clean, organic, low GI carbs e.g.
Sweet potatoe, brown rice (boil and drain the water as oppose to rice cooker water absorption), wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta. Lots of veges stir fry and some fruit.
Pre training meals- should be only Carbs. Consumed at least 1 hr prior.
Post training meals- should consist of at least 50% protein, 50% Carbs and greens.

Chemotherapy is WWI mustard gas but to a desperate person, the white coats become the voice of god. All hope and money is thrown upon their placebo magic.

They know this and that’s how it’s been for the last 100 years concerning cancer.

For real cures see;
.‘The forbidden cures’ YouTube
.Max Gersen therapy.
.Ty Bollinger ‘ the truth about cancer’
.Dr Leonard Coldwell.
Ty Bollinger’s 9 part series on ‘The Truth about Cancer’
The forbidden Cures You-Tube – Max Gersen
Adventist TV - Prof Walter Veith
David Icke – food poisons – You-tube presentation
‘Vaxxed’- You Tube- Many books exist but this presentation is a marvellous summary.
‘Vaccine Epidemic’ – book by L K Habakus & M Holland, 2012.
‘Ancient Greek Medicine’ – book by S Randall, 2014.
‘The New Healing Herbs’ – Michael Castleman, 2001
Microwave and EMF dangers You-Tube presentation by Bernie Trower, British Navy WWII Veteran.
Dimitri Personal Trainer – Master Trainer - Level 3 – Fitness Australia
  • Ex-Australian Special Forces, Martial Arts - boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, fight club, essential self-defense.
  • General fitness and weight loss - Body sculpt, body shape, fitness, injury rehabilitation, Older Adults, boot camp, X-fit, fitness exam preparations.
  • Elite athletes – land based swim conditioning, track & field, resistance training & building, long distance endurance training, Services training.
Fitness is my work and so I stay in the best shape possible for health and for a good example to others.
My best fitness advice for the average citizen is, “form good habits in your training and consumption to survive a rapidly changing, potentially hostile global environment”.
The best formula for weight loss is, “train two days with weights, alternating with two days of the cardio exercise of your choice”.
Weights, sports, machines, jogging, swimming, cycling, bushwalking, home training, fighting, etc. Find some exercise activity that you like.
The point is to get inside a gym or outdoors at least two times per weekconsistently.
I train 5-6 x/week. Also, I boost my own natural immune system with good food, spices and herbs. My family and I grow our own herbs at home and avoid all vaccinations.
I provide a reverse osmosis water filter in my training studio for my clients and clean, (non-synthetic rubber mat) air ventilation.
Your health is more important in today’s modern Corporation controlled world than it has ever needed to be in human history!
Feel free to share this.
Best wishes!

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