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Planet depopulation - Update June 2018

UPDATE - Planet depopulation. ( June 2018)
In posting this blog I hope for an appreciation of accurate reality for the reader. 
Beyond the false flags, disinformation and deceptions.

Our planet and nation are in great trouble and the people have been placed in an Electromagnetic frequency trance.

Furthermore, you you will almost certainly be offended. you are likely to react with denial, apathy or even anger after reading this blog.

Nonetheless, the truth remains and the research is thorough beyond any shadow of doubt.

The world is engaged in a silent weapons, quiet World War III and Cold War II.
the purpose id to Genetically modify the human race and to EMF brain control the human species.

The two most important nations on earth at this time are Russia and Australia.

One controls the Arctic and the other, the Antarctic.

Why is that important?
The Van Allen’s belt electromagnetic frequency band of the planet has been altered and is controlled from the poles.

What does that do?
Through emf the human brain can be remote controlled.

The binary weapons combinations are;
iPhone, smartwatch, electric grid, cell phone towers, space satellite, lithium batteries, electronic devices, computers, street lamps, domestic lamps, Chemtrail DNA altering smartdust, fluoride...

So, what’s the big immediate plan?
To socially reengineer this planet through the depopulation, genetic modification and electromagnetic frequency control of the human species.

So, what’s the problem?
Well, if the governments were aware and benign in their intentions, the surface inhabitant citizens of Australia would have been protected from gmo poisoned food, fluoride and plastic poisoned water, Chemtrail poisoned air, binary poison vaccines, and nuclear radiation Fukushima Wigmer dust deliberately dropped on the Australian east coast via HAARP weather weapons (see report by nuclear scientists Prof Leuren Moret, Alfred Lambremont Webre and Dana Durnford).

What I’m stating is that the Australian surface population has already taken a hit with silent weapons used in quiet war. That’s far from benign.

Further; getting to the historical source of the trouble!

Why is this current Jesuit Masonic Zionist Pope Argentinian?
He is a remnant product of the Nazi war machine that was given refuge in Argentina by the Vatican and the secret services after WWII ( also America - see Operation paperclip). The current ‘black’ Pope Arturo Sosa is also Argentinian.

Why are the Popes ‘white’ and ‘black’ Argentinian Jesuits?
According to statements from Napoleon Bonepart, the Jesuits are a military Order of assassins and spies seeking world domination. They have little to do with real religion.

The Jesuits work through secret societies and beyond that into the world’s secret services.

When referring to the bankers relationship with governments, Napoleon Bonepart further stated that, “the hand that gives is more powerful than the hand that takes”.

The primary purpose of the Jesuits is to destroy the enemies of Rome by infiltration and thieir ultimate aim is to attain total control of all nations.

Who do the Jesuits believe are the enemies of Rome?
Historically Orthodox, Protestant Christians, Buddhists and other dissenting religions according to the resolutions of the Catholic Church Council of Trent 1545AD. 

The Jesuits at first infiltrate by embracing all institutions and organisations. They then proceed to implode or mould them according to their own plans.

These plans have been established across centuries and generations. From birth, generations are groomed for individual roles and careers.

‘Mein Kampf’ was written by Jesuit priest Bernhardt Staempful. Hitler obeyed the orders of the Jesuits but as he gained more power, he became a threat. The Jesuit banker societies withheld their financial war support. Hitler and many Nazis were smuggled out by Vatican orchestrations to Argentina where he finally died in the early 60s. The dead Hitler body in Germany was a double. All the leaders of the era had and used actor doubles.

Credible sources state that Hitler, King George the VI and King Edward the VIII were all fathered by King George V (‘Saints or sons of Predition- book, Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg’, 2015).

Assuming that Hitler didn’t write Mein Kampf. Assuming that he obeyed the Jesuits that still run the world with vice, cruelty, tyranny and illegal money behind the cloak of piety and integrity. Assuming that the Jesuits gradually became displeased with him, what was he all about?

Either he became power drunk and wanted all that for himself or, he wanted to build more Volks (the folks) Wagons like Nikola Tesla before him. Tesla and his free energy tower built on Egyptian pyramid technology was another victim of the Jesuit/ Mason secret service/mercenary/mafia assassination machine.

I’m not stating that Hitler was a good or decent man. I am stating that the world reality as the masses think they know it is a total fabrication. 

The significance of Argentina also becomes increasingly geographically important with a global view of the planet, the Van Allen’s Belt and the polar electromagnetic control of frequencies.

The future of military weaponry, the human organism and national control has already become subject to human brain and genetic modifications (GMO) and controls.

What’s the time frame. It seems that 2021 is a significant year.
What is the end game result that the Jesuit/Mason/Zionist/Monarchy/banker/eugenecist families seek?
.A TOTAL GMO downgrade of humanity combined with a EMF pain, pleasure, thought, emotion and behavioural control of the human species.
.The total social GMO reengineering of the human race and to create a genetic divide between the ruling bloodlines and those of the slave classes that they are in the process of creating.
.The depopulation of planet earth reducing the human population to 500 million in the next few years. Agenda 21.
.The destruction of Christianity and democracy to be replaced by a Spanish Inquisition styled Communism and an Ottoman Empire styled Islamic Baha’i slave management religion for the remnant GMO, emf HAARP controlled, stupefied slave masses.

.With French and Bolshevik styled infiltration revolutions, a re-ignition of old feudal wars, new controlled wars and the strategic release of new weapons technology on all sides.
.Artificial Intelligence & satellite computer controlled silent weapons in a quiet, covert WWIII against the human populace. See a list of weapons bellow.
. World-wide bank debt created after HAARP weather weapons destruction, arms sales, leadership and corporate corruption and, other means.

Is the fate of the human race to become a 90% majority of docile GMO, telefried, remote controlled toys for exploitation by a few cunning, GMO intelligent, pleasure seeking, GMO long life, sadistic, self appointed gods on earth?

Will Artificial Intelligence succeed to be the populace controlling god?
It certainly is shaping up that way. 

The controlling world power families are moving into underground cities around the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand’s South Island has been already prepared and quietly taken.

It seems that after an Australian depopulation false flag conflict or instigation, Australia will be vacated. Repopulation by Royal family and power ruling bloodlines. NZ and other underground strongholds of will at that time resurface.

The plan for the above ground remnant populace is total annihilation by various methods.

Other weapons and methods of attack;
.Food has been gmo/‘Agent Orange’, ‘Roundup’, glyphosate dioxide poisoned.
.Water is fluoride aluminium poisoned. It causes dementure, and Alzheimer’s diseases. Also, fluoride removes the blood brain barrier allowing for the smartdust Chemtrail particles to infiltrate the human brain. 
.HAARP Electromagnetic frequency weapons emit deadly algorithms into the human brain via iPhone, tv computers, communication towers, lampposts, NBN cables, satellites , electric grid, electric cars, solar systems etc.
. The earth’s Van Allen’s Belt frequency has been changed from the Antarctic and Arctic to work with the 44,000 satellites and electronic devices to PSY OPS control humans. Much of this is MK ultra and other ops. 
.Antarctic military bases have deliberately manipulating the electromagnetic field of the earth. The end affect is a dumbing down of the human race. A secondary effect is to remote control by emf the mass human brain function, collective unconscious.
.Nuclear radiation Wigmer dust particles from Fukushima and Chernobyl are in the oceans, seafood and the entire earth’s atmosphere. The nuclear particles return to earth in rain. 
.HAARP Weather weapons are destroying entire nations and dumping the nuclear dust on populations by satellite controlled methods. Deliberately.
.Vaccinations are killing the kids long term. Vaccinations combine with other agents to form binary biological weapons against the human race. This is a Nazi WWII technology.
.Sickness and pharmaceutical drug addiction is making money for the corporate criminals, Secret Society bloodlines, Monarchs, Sultanates and bankers.

It is very sad to report that these are the criminals at the top of the demon worshipping Illuminati pyramid. Almost all are involved in paedophile rings and blackmail.
.bpa and bps plastics are changing human hormones and destroying adolescents’ natural, physical development and healthy reproductive ability.
.Steroids, additives and poisons are in GMO meats, dairy products and the food supply.
.The Media has been propagandised and controlled to report unrelated junk, entertainment distractions, gossip and lies. 

The function of the mainstream media is to distract and to cover the earth with a blanket of ‘fake reality’. 

The media has been polarised into a leftist homosexual, paedophile, propagandised, indoctrinated, leadership exclusive club.
.Illegal drugs are supplied via underground tunnel systems, shipping containers and other means into the Western nations by the Secret Services mercenaries and Black Ops for the banker Corporations. 

Wars are being fought to support the production and distribution of the world drug trade. Also for the arms trade sales.

.The mafia and Black Ops are being used to intimidate or kill most whistleblowers with credibility.
. The illegal money of mafia activities has been laundered through the corrupt world banking system.

Bank ownership is totally in the hands of criminals. The primary criminal war and money laundering manipulation bank is the US Federal Reserve.
.Chemtrail smart dust DNA microscopic biological nanobots have been dumped into the atmosphere for the last 25 years. It began with Operation Popeye in 1957. 
The smartdust now finds its way into human lungs, then into the bloodstream and eventually into the human brain. The bio-nanobots are directed by emf algorithms from iPhones to form together as remote controlling brain computers inside the brains of a totally unsuspecting public. Thoughts have become manipulations. 

. HAARP Weather weapons are being used to devastate nation’s and subsequently enslave them financially. The loans result in perpetual, endless credit from the criminal banking cartels.
.The human race is being genetically modified (GMOed) by the smartdust for control by EMF (electromagnetic frequency) tools.
. Fukushima and Chernobyl radioactive Wigmer dust is directed by satellites and computers at will.
. The North Pacific ocean is devastated by nuclear contamination. Now, 6.5 years after Fukushima all oceans are being effected. The nuclear rain infects drinking water. 
.The east coast of Australia and the West coast of America have been targeted and hit by weaponised Wigmer nuclear dust by traitors within those nations working with the secret service agencies. 

The general surface dwelling population of the earth has been targeted and already hit.
.100s of underground military cities exist worldwide including Australia and NZ. These have been prepared for the escape of Secret Society insider bloodlines.
. Every citizen is on a database file. All are spied upon & recorded by every electronic device in their vicinity. This even extends to the molecular level via smartdust.
. Artificial Intelligence controls all of this from space satellites, the moon and earth command centres.
. As a matter of policy, Australia only has 49% control of its military. The USA has the 51%. The inner city of London is the HQ. All other nations leaders are complicit including Russia of course. 
The plot is against humanity itself.
. Islam is being spread across the globe by design. It is being embraced by the historically shallow, leftist psyopsed, unsuspecting youth and their compromised mentor leadership. Islam is an enslaving religion of terror, rape and violence proven historically by the Ottoman Empire. Islamic instructions come directly from the Koran.

Almost all Muslims can be converted towards acts of terror simply by reading the jihadi sword verses in the Koran. This effect combines with emf Psy Ops.
.Communist dictators have given themselves ‘Emperor’ appointments for life.
.The strongest indicators show that all the major nations including Russia work together against the people. Historically the same occurred during WWI, WWII and other wars that followed.

I make this statement very reluctantly and simply hope for the best outcome in favour of the human race. Reform not destruction.

Among other things, the Antarctic Van Allen’s belt manipulating military bases are a joint cooperation.
.homosexuality is destroying the moral fibre of the once Christian Western Democratic nations. The primary target is the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

The children are being placed in a state of irreparable sexual and developmental psychological damage by the Polk ally correct homosexual leftist curriculum school policies. 

This is the deliberate desired effect designed to weaken the flower of the Democratic Western nations in preparation for invasion. 
.Democracy threatens Monarchy directly and is not tolerated by the NWO bloodline intentions. 

Again, my intention is reform, human dignity , mercy and decency.
The above is only some of what’s happening while the Western world sleeps.

I have not detailed the arms races, weapons development races, controlled wars, plasma weapons, scalar weapons, NGO looting methods, false charity organisations, human abduction, sex slavery, the secret services drug trade, underground military bases inhuman scientific experimentation, chimeras, spirit wars, solar system revelations, moon revelations, false flag conflict ignition attacks all over the world and more....

Citizens action:
The best thing for citizens to do personally is to awake and prepare for emf weapons blackouts.
.Move your home out of the cities.
.Search ‘prepers’ and begin to stock vital items.
.Land purchase is best. A power generator, food, oil, grain, transport,fuel, first aid and essential items. etc.
.The southern and western Australian states seem to be better locations, high in the mountains. Away from cities and the low lying coastline.

Beyond your personal preparations lobby and write to the low level Senators of your nation. Many of these are just being used as pawns by the Illuminati bloodlines that work from the shadows of high monarchy and the chambers of Emperors. 
Blackmail, threats and murder are among the secret societies ancient favoured methods. Now the silent emf assassination weapons can strike anywhere and undetected. 
.Participate in peaceful marches if the opportunity arises and educate others.
.Research these matters that I’ve listed for yourself.
Watch the videos below as a starting point.
.share this post

The following is Prof Leuren Moret and Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre interview. Describes HAARP, Nukes, Greada Treaty, Russia responses and mindset, nanoparticles, depopulation process and much more. It’s very good Intel. It’s worth your time.

Once a smartdust RFID chips are breathed in, every DNA signature of every human acts as a transponder. This smartdust Chemtrail technology is in NANOBIOROBOTS that have been dropped for 2.5 decades on an unsuspecting world population.

The intelligence agencies know where everyone is all the time already. They also hear the voices of citizens and record everything spoken for AI processing. Thoughts can be read electronically by the brain neural synapse electrical language.

Satellites, cell towers, iPhones, lamp posts, the electrical grid, electric cars and electronic devices all operate as one giant surveillance system. Much of this is based on Nikola Tesla technology.

The military forces of nations have cyberwarfare units that spy on each other and their own citizens.

The police have limited access now but that will change once police, secret police, dictatorial and totalitarian states are created world-wide.

It is most important to understand that compartmentalisation perpetuates this entire paedophile demonic system of hierarchical planet suppression.

Don’t let the obsolete science of yesteryear and controlled disinformation announcements fool you. 

Most of the smaller nations are totally asleep and stuck in yesterday’s war technologies. It’s a waste of money for the war trade.

The human organism is a bio-electrical organism and can be totally controlled and manipulated by powerful AI emf signals.

Hence the requirement and one of a multi-purpose bio-smartdust. 

This works with fluoride aluminium in the brain from drinking water. It combines with the electromagnetic frequency saturation of the whole planet.

DNA Clones and human doubles are an increasing problem for the leadership of nations.
This is not a new practice but now allows for a DNA efficient replacement of dissenting leaders.

The world is not what you remember it to be or what you think it is.

Article from Sputnik News;
Hunter Becomes the Hunted: CIA Says 30 Countries Can Remotely Track Its Agents

German Dr Leonard Coldwell interview with Jeff Rense.
The Bible writes about these things.
The Biblical name ‘James’ in Hebrew translates to ‘Judas’ one of the brothers of Jesus. Not to be confused with Judas Iscariot.

Matthew 24:6-7 KJV
[6] And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. [7] For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

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